How To Apply Aadhaar Card Online

How to apply Aadhaar Card

This article will explain and intricate more on the procedures to be followed when applying for the Aadhar card. The aadhar application process is free and one participates voluntary. This only applies to residents/citizens of India. The application can be carried out from anywhere across India. Steps to be followed in the application process:

First, it’s important to note that not all UIDAI centers have appointment registration online facility.

  • You can be able to confirm if your nearby UIDAI center has an online registration appointment facility. Just go to apply for the aadhar card number appointment online
  • As soon asyou have made this appointment online, gather all the needed documents and visit the center at the allocated time and date. They are required to offer you assistance.
  • If the center near you does not have an online registration appointment facility, you can just easily walk in and request for assistance
  • To contact any nearby UIDAI center you are simply required to click on locate the nearby aadhaar number card center.

There are various documents required during the registration process.

  • The most important documents are identity proof and address proof. To get more information on the various types of documents that are needed during application. Go to aadhaar card documents required.
  • If a member of the family does not have all the required documents he or she is still allowed to enroll if their names exist in the family document of entitlement. In such cases the head of the family according to the entitlement document is to be enrolled first with valid documents of identity and address proof. After that the other members can be then introduced to the enrollment process.
  • In cases where there is no document which is available one can ask for the help of introducers who are available at the centers of enrollment. If you need other elaborate details please make a point of contacting concerned offices of registration.

Where a person can get the  necessary application form.

  • A person can acquire free Aadhar card application form at the center itself or one can simply choose to download it online.
  • One is advised to download the form, print it and make extra copies for other family members. Afterwards visit the aadhar center with a form which has already been filled. It greatly saves on time spent at the center.
  • For a person to be able to easily download the required forms and learn how to properly fil it in. Go to AADHAAR Card Application Form Download.
  • At the center your fingerprints, photo and an iris scan will required as part of the enrollment process
  • You are given a chance to review the information you have provided so that you can make corrections where necessary.
  • Finally you will be given an acknowledgement slip that has a temporary number of the card is being processed. Ensure that you have kept the slip safe.
  • You should only enroll once which legit documents. The use of fake documents is a criminal offense that can earn one some jail term.

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